About me (Resume and Skills)

Emilie Reineke


07 83 61 39 15

My Resume

I am a Game Designer, currently working as a Game & Level Design Intern at Fishing Cactus studios. I obtained a  Management & Game Design Master’s at Supinfogame Rubika, in Valenciennes (France), and I’m available for new opportunities starting from January 2022.

I’m always ready to get out of my comfort zone! My Game Design work is fueled by all the things I’ve pulled from my past experiences – be it writing and drawing comics, trying my hand at animation, building physical game prototypes, conceiving game AIs, experimenting with software… Right now I am focusing on working with Unreal Engine 4, and as such I’ve been using it for all of my recent projects.

So far I mostly gained experience with Blueprint Scripting. I’m also focusing a lot on AI Design and Programming, using UE4’s built-in systems such as the Environment Query System and Behaviour Trees. On top of that, I’m also knowledgeable with UE4’s animation blueprints and state machines and UE4’s level editing tools as I’ve had to use them for my prototypes and full projects.